The Atelier is the heart of our school, a studio where children create and show what they are discovering about the world through art. The Atelier’s abundance of art media and variety of natural recycled materials become tools for the imagination as children work on their projects.

A rich environment for the symbolic “100 languages” of children, the Atelier is where children explore their ideas and theories. Poetry, science, mathematics and writing all can come forth as children work and play with art.

In collaboration with their teachers and each other, children are encouraged to sculpt, build, draw, shadow play, create, and investigate. There is clay to shape, wire to twist, pencils and chalk for sketching, paints in every color to brush onto paper.

Visual art is a vital component of the Reggio approach but this educational concept goes well beyond learning how to use art materials. In their art, young children are expressing the ideas that are emerging in short- and long-term projects. Their creations become a visible form of learning to revisit and show to others.

In the Atelier at Ecopia Day School, children also experience the wonder and joy of creating music with keyboards, triangles, instruments and voices. In addition, the Atelier is a space for creative play with tumbling and yoga classes designed for children.

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