About Ecopia Day School

Ecopia Day School is a small progressive school with large purposes. Inspired by the Reggio approach in early childhood education, we are dedicated to creating quality, dynamic, meaningful programs that encourage children’s innate curiosity and creativity.

We strive to be a collaborative community of children, teachers and families who are learning and working together. Based on our belief that every child is strong, capable, inventive and rich in potential, we integrate all aspects of our curriculum into short-term explorations and long-term projects that emerge through child-led inquiry.

Our school is designed to have a warm, inviting atmosphere where children will feel valued, safe and nurtured. The aesthetic experience of our school is open, airy and bright for an environment that radiates vitality with an abundance of natural light.

The role of our teachers is to collaborate with the children as co-learners rather than as imparters of knowledge. Together, children and teachers negotiate the curriculum through work and play. As children investigate their theories and ideas, teachers observe, document and reflect to formulate the thoughtful questions that will extend learning.

We have an extensive art program and dedicated studio where children express their ideas through an abundance of high-quality media and natural recycled materials. Art is woven into the heart of our curriculum because children learn through many symbolic languages. We encourage them to playfully explore and follow their own creativity and curiosity through clay, paints, chalk, shadow play and more. In this rich environment, children have many avenues of self-expression as they work on short- and long-term projects.

Our educators are here to lay the foundation for knowledge, social skills and confidence, paving the way for success in your child’s future. Early experiences in programs like Ecopia Day School prepare children to become lifelong, creative learners.